About U

You are an Enterprise organisation that deals with a growing amount of data on a daily basis. Instead of seeing this growth of data as a problem, you would like to take it as an opportunity. Companies like Amazon and Google do not struggle with their enormous data growth either; they benefit from it by extracting the useful information from the large pile of data. How do you create a vision for data storage for the coming years, in order to prevent the explosive growth of information to blow you away.

About Us

With a lot of pleasure turning the eights’ into ‘nines’: that is typically E-Storage. Doing what we do well and what we enjoy. To specialise – and choose. Cause data stays, but infrastructures change. By making deliberate choices in our customer segments and market areas, we ensure we stand out in using the corresponding skills. Apart from the traditional data infrastructures, we dig deeper into the changing world of data management.