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Everything revolves around data. Every company possesses more and more data, handles data differently and has its own challenges with regard to data. Because an image has arisen that you hold gold with data and all data is valuable, many companies have a huge data collection drift. Fortunately they also wonder: “What kind of data do we have? What data do we still need? What data do we store and how? How do we ensure that data is safe? Which laws and regulations must we comply with?” Before they can get started with the possibilities of data, they first have to get the house in order. Only then can a company take good care of its data and utilize it in the right way.

At e-Storage we have been helping our clients get their house in order for years, by fulfilling the role of Storage Systems Integrator. But in the coming years we will shift our field: from storage to the broad data domain. Doing so we express the ambition to become the Data Company. Regardless of the choices you make as a customer, your data will continue to grow and you will need more new products and specialist help. In order to support you optimally, four teams are at your disposal at E-Storage. They focus on your market and market-specific issues. With this we give substance to our new data role. We ask you as a customer to challenge us every day: so that we can become better together in data developments. And as a result, a win-win situation for both of us arises.

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Headwind gives you strong legs

By Erwin van der Linden

As a company we are on a journey: from Storage Integrator to Data Company. It is our dream to become the data expert of the Netherlands. How beautiful would it be if we take on that challenge together with you? In order to become an expert, intrinsic motivation and commitment are crucial. Training every day and getting stronger and better, you do that by coping with setbacks and celebrating successes. In cycling jargon: ‘headwind gives you strong legs’.

To become an expert in the field of data, it is important to choose. Choose what you do and choose what you do not do. Choosing what you do not do, so saying ‘no’, is not that easy. Try it for a day. Say ‘no’ to anyone who asks you a question. It is not in the human system. We want to be liked and mean something to others.

Our way of saying no is choosing one team per market area. This allows us to focus on the data challenges of one specific market – for example Healthcare – which are often completely different from those of other markets, such as Finance. By focussing on one market area, we can maximize our curiosity about your data challenges and collaborate in them.

We experienced this at a financial institution, where to our surprise things happened that we had not expected. Because we dived deeper into the challenges of our contact person there, he became so enthusiastic that he found ten data projects within the organization for us. Subsequently, we were allowed to choose two to work on. The energy we felt together at the time: that is what we are looking for. Then you have gotten hold of the intrinsic motivation. Then you want to go further! Then you have the wind in your favour.

Do you want to know which data projects we can tackle together in your market area? Please contact Erwin van der Linden evdlinden@e-storage.nl

If you really connect, you are extremely strong.

By Frans Blankert

Everyone knows that connection is important. Connection is costly because it is rare. It has to do with trust. Connection is talking and listening and it is also feeling. You need to be attuned to it. You have to be on the same wavelength, just like with a radio.

Getting your connection is not that easy.

A team suggests that there is cooperation between the team members, but it is almost never there. Team members often work alone. They feel responsible for their own part and assume that a sum of individual responsibilities delivers the desired result. No wonder that the outcome of projects is often so disappointing.

To be able to complete large projects in the short term, e-Storage creates teams by putting together people from the customer and our people. Creating a connection is priority no. 1. The lean method facilitates this by applying structure. It is moreover based on visualizing the process. Such a process is often invisible.

We make visible who does what, what the dependencies are and when something can be transferred. Together, such a team is suddenly super-smart and super-savvy and they get done lots of work.It happens regularly that these ‘pop-up’ teams complete assignments faster than initially planned.

Team members say that if you do a big project really together, big and many suddenly become pleasant and clear. Only then do you realize that you do not have to do your work alone. It is very nice if you achieve results together.

Headwind gives you strong legs

“In order to succeed you can do two things: with much pain eliminating insufficient grades, or turning ‘eights’ into ‘nines’ with a lot of pleasure.”
Erwin van der Linden, directeur e-Storage
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