Johan Cruijff
If you do not see it, you cannot understand it

Data scan en economics

Like Johan Cruijff once said: you have to see it first. The data scan of E-Storage assesses your data and data infrastructure. The outcome provides insight in, among others, the amount of data, the type of data, when the data is created and how often the data was consulted.

In addition, it becomes visible where and how the data is saved. Using this insight we can decide if and where improvements are possible. What helps to make good decisions? Understanding the long-term implications.

The Economics Model shows the long-term effects of the proposed adjustments in the approach (data management) and infrastructure. E-Storage delivers insight via reports that assess the data in your environment. The principle is: ‘less is more’. We do not want to overload you with numerous reports, but deliver interactive reports that matter. You can adjust the reports yourself and experience the effects directly.

Wat betekent het anders opslaan van uw data voor uw kosten over vijf en/of tien jaar?

What does this way of storage of your data mean to your costs in five and/or ten years’ time?

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