Delta Lloyd


“There are simply really good people at E-Storage. Mature and professional. You know exactly what to expect – and we keep each other focused.” (Berrie Vlietstra, Datacenter Manager Delta Lloyd Groep)

Through the three strong brands of Delta Lloyd, OHRA and ABN AMRO Insurances, the Delta Lloyd Group offers services in the area of insurances, pensions, investments and banking. Berrie Vlietstra about the collaboration with E-Storage: “Delta Lloyd has been having a relationship for years with E-Storage. This relationship dates back to the end of the nineties (!), interrupted in the period that Delta Lloyd outsourced its IT.

After the insourcing there were some issues with the storage infrastructure. It had become an extremely complex network; E-Storage has helped us perfectly at that time to solve these problems. Such a fresh start gives you the opportunity to completely redesign your IT organisation. We chose in the storage domain for a smaller team of our own people and a collaboration with E-Storage as a brand-independent storage partner.

By choosing for a long term collaboration with one partner, such a partner will understand the ins and outs of our infrastructure very well. This increases the added value of E-Storage over time. Currently, we manage the complete 740 terabyte of net (optional) storage of Delta Lloyd using only four of our own people. E-Storage advises us on trends and developments in the market. Together we decide on the storage strategy that we will follow.