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“Data: close when you have to, far away when possible”
Frank Pongers, Manager Infrastructure Services
Data: ‘close when you have to, far away when possible’

A contribution from Frank Pongers, Manager Infrastructure Services Isala Clinics.

The cooperation between Isala and e-Storage started in 2016 when Isala had to replace the file and block storage environments. e-Storage had the best story, was best prepared and had the best technical rationale. They won the tender on the basis of a well-presented project plan. When the file storage solution from the manufacturer turned out to be inadequate, e-Storage played a positive role in the discussion with the supplier and solving the problem.

Frank Pongers (Manager Infrastructure Services, Isala clinics) has more peace of mind when he knows that the data is both securely stored and quickly accessible. “Our focus is on a stable environment so that people can work. We have more than 3800 workplaces and we also have to ensure that office hours can continue and operating rooms can run. E-Storage has helped us to stabilize Isala’s storage environment with maximum availability and performance “

“The amount of data will be the biggest challenge in the future.”

2018 revolves largely around the transition to the new Electronic Patient File (EPD) of Chipsoft with a go-live in November of this year. More and more data is becoming available through new and advanced (image) technology. In addition, patients will also supply more data themselves in the future by, among other things, so-called wearables and other home appliances. Moreover, in the future not all patients will necessarily go to the hospital anymore. Patients feel more at ease in their home situation and it saves a lot of stress around a visit to the hospital, especially for chronic patients. The healthcare processes that we support from ICT must be adjusted accordingly. All this falls under Connected Care. Isala prepares the new hospital to be built in Meppel for this new method.

In order to be able to cope with all the data that ICT receives, it is necessary to categorize data and to determine where it is stored. But what is important to one person, is not to another. We must define a route for data classification. How do we make information that is needed immediately available? Fortunately, we share these questions with other hospitals. In addition, we assume that e-Storage will also advise and support us in this.

Grow into the role of data specialists

By Rikus van de Kolk

Isala is a nice hospital to work for. Under the motto ‘close if necessary , further away if possible’, they aim to be the best in their field.

In 2017, team Healthcare assisted Isala in replacing the File and Block storage. One trajectory progressed almost flawlessly , whereas the other trajectory experienced considerable setbacks during the implementation due to software limitations of the purchased systems. Of course, it is a pity when such things happen. We supported Isala in every possible way, day and night, to ensure that the migration process runs smoothly and to minimize the impact on the business during disasters. Ultimately, together with the manufacturer, we delivered a stable and reliable environment for Isala.

We have certainly noticed that Isala has greatly appreciated our effort and commitment. Meanwhile, we have done a 3rd project for a back-up delivery. This luckily went smoothly. Because we got to know each other so well, we formed a strong relationship of trust with Isala. One that we would like to build upon in the future!

In the coming years we will face the challenge with our healthcare team how we can advise our customers about the possibilities of data and its inherent value. Think of questions such as: where does data come from? What is the relevance of different data? How long should this data be retained? How can we qualify and classify this data, based on availability, performance, legislation, privacy, etc.?

We are on top of the developments surrounding these issues and discuss these with customers, manufacturers and policy makers. This way we are growing towards the role of data specialist and discussion partner for the healthcare sector.

E-Storage had the best story, was best prepared and had the best technical rationale

“In the coming years we will face the challenge with our healthcare team how we can advise our customers about the possibilities of data and its inherent value.”
Rikus van de Kolk
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