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“It's nice you can always rely on a trusworthy partner”
team infrastructure and workplace management,
The collaboration is very familiar

Marion Borghardt-Carbaat (mgr ICT infrastructure and workplace management), Sander Kornman (system administrator) and Arjan ten Pierick (system administrator) of the municipality of Purmerend are speaking.

Our department of infrastructure and workplaces ensures that all employees, with the highest possible uptime, can do their work for the residents of Purmerend and it is nice that we regularly receive compliments about the stable working environment.

Working together with the people from team Government of E-Storage has become very familiar. We know the people well. They are professional and always efficient. That they are also very involved was shown during a power outage a few years ago. For a moment, it seemed that we were in trouble because our notification was outside the contract of the manufacturer. At that moment the people of E-Storage were ready for us. We greatly appreciated that they arrived immediately and, together with us, got the systems up and running again. As a result, everyone could just get back to work on Monday morning, as if there had been no power outage whatsoever.

In the near future, we are expecting a lot in terms of data, cloud services and collaborations with other municipalities. We started a pilot for a data lab. Here we collect all geodata from the municipality. The aim is to be able to answer questions related to departmental data and to translate the question into the geographical map. This concerns, for example, information such as the WOZ information, the land register, historical information, monumental buildings etc.

Our role in the data lab is to ensure that all data is secure. Questions arise like how we can make datasets available to residents and businesses. How are we pseudonymizing? How do we ensure that everything complies with new legislation?

In such situations it is nice that you can also rely on a trustworthy partner. A partner who advises from the technical side and can translate knowledge into functional or legal requirements. We still do not know everything about this side of team Government, but it certainly offers opportunities for the future.

An urgent problem determines the value of collaboration

By Arturo Cattelani

The municipality of Purmerend has an innovative IT organization. IT people are driven, professional and smart. They are open to new technologies and dare to try things out.

The cooperation with the municipality of Purmerend started in 2005 when our team Government was awarded the tender to replace the former storage environment. The offer consisted of IBM storage and SAN infrastructure. By engaging the customer fully in the project, a collegial bond has arisen. This became especially clear when the Purmerend area was hit by a severe power outage in 2008. As a result, some of the systems were damaged and no longer started up. Together with a colleague I jumped into the car that same evening and together with the colleagues from the municipality Purmerend we worked hard to get the systems working again.

At the beginning of 2017, we replaced the Storage and the SAN with the latest technologies after a tender. The award was based on the best Price Quality Ratio. Also this time, the introduction has been successful thanks to the always pleasant and professional collaboration.

“IT people at the municipality of Purmerend are driven, professional and smart.”
Arturo Catellani
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