Van Lanschot Kempen

“Based on our challenges we expect e-Storage to deliver tailor-made advice, to lead the way in the development of knowledge and skills”
Remco Coster, directeur ICT, van Lanschot Kempen

A contribution from Remco Coster, ICT Director at Van Lanschot Kempen.

“Van Lanschot Kempen is the oldest, independent wealth manager of the Netherlands, aimed at
structuring and retention of capital. Transforming and moving in accordance with changing
conditions is in our DNA. We call this “being specialized in the future since 1737”. Customers expect
personal attention and craftsmanship, supported by excellent service and modern applications.

In the financial sector, ICT possesses an important, supportive role. We invest strongly in renewal
and improvement. Digital applications are not a goal by itself, but enable continuous availability
when the customer requests it. ICT as such is the foundation of our services.

A few years ago, we were in search of a new IT partner for storage and backup of data. Knowing that
this data in particular is becoming increasingly important, you have to ask yourself what you need
now and in the future. What are the changes, what are the new techniques? How do we go along
with the rapidly changing market? How can we enable our people to stay ahead in that respect?

e-Storage is the sparring partner of our IT data future. Based on our challenges we expect them to deliver
tailor-made advice, to lead the way in the development of knowledge and skills. Scanning the
market and daring to invest in new techniques that are important to us now, or will be soon.

But also when e-Storage doesn’t have specific experience in a certain area, we can help each other.
You can complement each other from multiple sources of knowledge and core qualities. Entering a
discussion when you see different paths to a solution. Not being afraid to disagree.

We are on a journey together.”

To assess first, then make choices

By Koen Timmermans

Van Lanschot posed e-Storage a question for a new storage and backup infrastructure. We have
considerable experience in that. We know what is on the market and against what price, but every
customer receives tailored advice and solution from us. Before advising Van Lanschot, we
interviewed the 12 storage and backup administrators. This gave us a good insight into the
requirements that are important to them.

Subsequently, we organized a number of workshops to discuss the collected insights together. Some
employees set different requirements and wishes than other colleagues, but there were also enough
similarities. The workshops determined what the group considered important. This resulted in a
consensus about requirements. With this E-Storage proceeded to make the request.

We made a request to suppliers who best matched the requirements for storage and for backup. In
both cases, 3 are selected. We discussed the proposals again in a workshop with Van Lanschot
employees. This is how we made the choice for Rubric for back-up and Tintry for storage.
Both products are known for their simplicity of implementation and the simplicity of managing. That
was one of the reasons for Van Lanschot to choose these products. The suppliers completed the
implementation, which was realised within half a day, under the supervision of e-Storage and Van

Good contact with the customer made it possible to first carefully, and in consultation, make an
assessment. In a joint consultation we were able, in a short period of time, to make a well-informed
choice for the new systems.


To assess first, then make choices

“Good contact with the customer made it possible to first carefully, and in consultation, make an assessment”
Koen Timmermans
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