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Banks and insurers are often ahead of other sectors in terms of trends and development, sometimes also perforce. Certainly since the financial crisis, the entire sector has to meet increasingly stringent demands. The current trends that E-Storage, the Data Company, signals in the industry are: Fintech, and Data Management.

Your data is in the cloud, why protect it?

What can go wrong if you don’t secure data properly is shown by the example of a company that experienced the far-reaching consequences. Code Spaces was a hosting company for websites. The company was hacked and Code Spaces didn’t manage to get control back in time. The hacker removed all primary and backup data from all customers and Code Spaces went bankrupt.

Now that companies are storing their data in the cloud in addition to traditional data storage, we see that companies assume that specific cloud services such as AWS or Azure take responsibility for data. The cloud providers themselves are very clear about the responsibility they take over your data in the cloud. They do not take them. The provisions of AWS and Azure clearly state that you are personally responsible for the security of your data, both in the private and public cloud.

Now that you’re in the cloud with your data, it’s particularly necessary to protect your data! It’s more important than ever that both structured (databases) and unstructured data (images, documents, videos) are not lost in the event of a hack, ransomware or human error.

Is this situation recognizable for you? Do you take data responsibility? Peter Gommers has experience with the various aspects of data responsibility. Contact him: / +31 6 19 20 28 38

Do banks become redundant?

Fintech is new technology and innovation that wants to compete with traditional methods in the provision of financial services. Fintech companies are often startups of a group of smart students or slightly more established financial and technological companies with a high development speed. For example, they develop useful apps for smartphones that make mobile banking more accessible to the general public. E-Storage sees that each bank deals differently with Fintech. One bank has set up an innovation lab to finance students, another bank buys a Fintech at the moment that it is successful. The fact is that novelties such as Tikkie and Evi are changing the financial landscape. How do you, as an organization, change successfully?

This autumn, Team Finance organizes a forum session around the Fintech theme by and for a number of major clients in the financial sector. Do you work in this sector and are you interested in this theme? Send an email to Koen Timmermans

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“Based on our challenges we expect e-Storage to deliver tailor-made advice, to lead the way in the development of knowledge and skills”
Remco Coster, directeur ICT, van Lanschot Kempen
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