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Integrity, availability and security of data is becoming increasingly complex. In order to be able to meet all the requirements currently imposed on data storage, more and more companies experience the need of support with this responsibility. Team Services aims to be your safe haven. That is why Team Services developed a number of services that apply in all markets. Because if we take care of your data, you can take care of your customer again!

Data Erasure

Are your holiday pictures soon out on the streets?

When you bring an old laptop to the thrift store, you probably spend time deleting your data. You want to make sure that your personal information remains private. In our current hyper connected world, a lot of (confidential) data is involved. EU legislation changes the process of data protection and privacy. The responsibility of an IT company or department does not stop until data is safely removed from the storage environment.

The purpose of the Data Erasure service is to eliminate the risk that your data will be ‘out on the street’. By removing the data in a safe manner, you can avoid high sanctions or damage to your company. Team Services uses tested and approved techniques to erase data at different levels (disk, LUN) and both on site (on site) and off-premises (cloud). With every deletion of data you receive a detailed report plus certificate at disk level.

Do you have a question about the Data Erasure service? Please contact Ruud van Loon, (

“It is very important for our hospital that there is no data out on the streets, so destroying data is required to be done in the right way. Team services guarantees that the data has been overwritten using a certified method.”

Arian van Marle, project advisor Amphia Hospital

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Data Migration

How many boxes are you moving?

Did you know, when you ever moved, how many things you had in your house, where everything stood and what you wanted from it? Did you also know exactly where it had to go? Were you not surprised by what was coming from that attic? Could you transport everything at once? Could you prevent double housing costs?

That is exactly the challenge when moving data from A to B or to the cloud. Such a process often takes a long time, which leads to more costs and risks. Accelerating the process soon yields a huge profit. Team Services has therefore developed a Data Migration Service that makes a long-term and complex process simple and predictable. Specialists look together with you how the data can be migrated in the most effective and reliable way. Good preparation is 80% of the result. The Data Migration Service ensures that your data is transferred more cheaply, safely and quickly.

Do you have plans to migrate data? Please contact Henry Tibben, (

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Support Services

24/7 readiness

If you go home at the end of the day, your systems will simply continue. If a problem occurs outside of working hours, you are expected to solve it quickly. It is good to realize that you are not alone. Our specialists are available day and night to remedy incidents.

Our ISO-certified service desk serves as a single point of contact (SPOC) and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can contact our Support Services for any (technical) question and at any event, incident, problem or change.

Support Services is the interface between the customer and (multi-vendor) suppliers when hardware and/or software support is needed for changes to your Storage Infrastructure. Our goal is to increase your availability. We realize this by continuously improving ourselves. This allows us to take care of your data and to (temporarily) supplement or strengthen your IT department.

Would you like to talk to us about these Support Services? Please contact Ruud van Loon, (

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Problem Solving

Who delivers calm and overview in case of an issue?

Do you remember the press coverage of the alleged rocket launch heading Hawaii in early 2018? All inhabitants of the archipelago received an alarm on their smartphones that a rocket was on its way. Luckily, it turned out to be a false alarm. How that could have happened and how it can be prevented you can read here. This story gives a nice look at the Problem Solving method.

It is not always easy to immediately find the cause of a (persistent) problem. Especially when there are all kinds of unclear complaints, or multiple techniques and/or parties in the chain. This is a major challenge, especially with increasingly longer and more complex IT chains.

Our experienced specialists in the field of problem analysis are happy to help you to find the cause of a problem through a structured methodology and come to a suitable solution.

Want to know more about Problem Solving? Please contact Ruud van Loon, (

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